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They say everyone needs a coach.

Stuck in a rut? Looking to pivot in your career? Going back to work after a period out? Lost your mojo? Need help requesting flexible work? Setting goals?

EmployFlex have brought together a network of hand-picked coaches based around the country who are ready to help you take the next step in your career.
Coaching doesn’t simply look at what your job is and what your skills are. Our coaches look at a person’s deeper motivations and personality. It is today’s fluid workplace that’s driving many to turn to coaches, particularly in times of transition: returning after a career break, planning the next step up the ladder, or wanting to move into a new career.

Unlike the job for life of previous generations, nowadays, we chop and change. By 2020, according to forecasters, we’ll only hold a job for three years on average.
In the 200+ candidates who have availed of our coaches, we have seen first-hand the transformation of our candidates after a few sessions with a coach, it is truly impressive.

Our Coaches