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Employflex is a flexible recruitment agency with a heart – we offer practical support with our complimentary webinars for people who have been out of the workforce or want to pivot in their careers. We have helped 1000s of people obtain flexible work.

We help companies with returnships – these are like internships for people who have been out of the workplace for a number of years. We have been featured on print, radio and television and we are the leaders in the flexible work revolution in Ireland.

We have been key note speakers at the NRF conference, The D&I conference in UCC and the Future of Work Conference in the Republic of Work among others. In the past six years, we have worked with many companies and clients and have first hand knowledge on what companies require for their flexible work policy. We also have a unique insight into what employees, particularly women and parents want when it comes to flexible work. Many companies leaned on us as we were all catapulted into the remote working world in March 2020.

Our remit has changed in the last 5 – 6 years and we are now seen as the thought leaders in the space in Ireland. We have developed a flexible quality mark for businesses and organisations and companies are now coming to us for assistance on obtaining and retaining talent, how to embrace flexibility as a key business strategy, addressing the gender pay gap and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our consultancy work covers:

Flexible work audit

Flexible work toolkit

Flexible work awards

Key note speakers

Advice on gender diversity/gender pay gap

Partaking on government taskforces in Ireland and the EU on flexible work practices