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Maria Treacy

Strengths Coach

Maria is a tenacious, authentic Mom of Three, a Wife, a Consultant who has a passion in ‘reconnecting’ people and business, having worked in a professional HR capacity across various industry from service sector to medical devices, renewables and manufacturing for nearly 20 years; supporting business leaders of all shapes and sizes to overcome the challenges they face day to day when managing and developing people.

Maria saw the gap between people and business, the lack of alignment. She set up her own business almost two years ago to align herself and others better to their strengths to achieve more meaningful results.

She today ‘enables’ and ‘grows’ people. She is the ‘catalyst’ for bringing about change and more meaningful conversation into business using strengths-based leadership. She is an advocate for using self-awareness to self-lead with more success and confidence.

As part of her daily coaching practice, she works with individuals, teams and managers on discovering their strengths and weakness; and more importantly how they can leverage their strengths more to support their own success, and be more energised, happy doing it.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Social Science from U.C.C, a post graduate H. Dip in Management and Marketing, a Diploma in Personnel Management and is both a qualified Mediator and Executive Coach, with accreditation from CAPP as a Strengths Coach. She uses a scientifically robust tool called CAPP Strengths Profile to support her work with clients.