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So , unless you have been hiding under a rock, you must have seen all the articles that underline how great flexible work and remote work is and the advantages to employee, employer, society, the planet etc ( we have contributed to the mainstream online flexible work appreciation club too!)

But, what most articles don’t mention is the level of ‘flexism’ that still exists there in the corporate world. Companies with their heads stuck firmly the the sands of yesteryear will cite the following as reasons for not embracing a flexible work policy:

Objection number 1: The managers are resistant and it will be a massive headache to implement.

Okay, do you know what, we get this – it can be a headache to bring your management team on board, particularly the ones in the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ camp. However we are in the midst of a war for talent ( most overused term in HR these days, but true) and those companies that offer flexibility will have the competitive advantage in obtaining and retaining the best people.

That is why we have developed a flexible work toolkit to help you and your management team put the correct structures and policy and procedure in place. Introducing a flexible work culture must come from the top down, must be non discriminatory and must be available for everyone to take up if they desire. We can help – step by step.

Objection Number 2: Security is an issue especially now with GDPR

This objection can be overcome with clear and precise guidelines that cover the use of all devices. Simple things like enforcing data encryption on all devices and only allowing approved devices to connect to company networks can ensure tighter security. We have developed a remote checklist for companies with remote workers.

Objection Number 3: How will we communicate with our employees?

Communication is very important when it comes to a flexible workforce and we would encourage over communication if anything, particularly in the early days. We recommend designing a communication policy that includes ‘water cooler’ chats – time for your team to meet once a day just to have a chat. Find a communications tool that works well for you and the team – there are plenty to choose from – we can help.

Objection Number 4: Insurance is a problem with remote workers

We have connected with insurance companies who can give you the proper advice and make sure that both employer and employee is covered in the event of an incident when someone is working from home. It’s simple, quick and not expensive.

Objection Number 5: Technology

Seriously? How can this even be an objection in 2019?

Objection Number 6: Trust and presentee-ism

I’m sorry but if you can’t trust the people that you have employed, there’s a big issue here!

There are ways that trust can be built starting with the type of person you employ in the first place. Not everyone is suited to remote working and we would recommend that a strengths analysis profile is completed to establish if your employee is a good fit for remote work. Communication and open ended feedback is also very important as well as not micro managing. Performance should be measured on results and not bums on seats.

If your company needs help with implementing a flexible work policy, we are here to help.

Life is Short. Work Somewhere Flexible.