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We spoke to Vincent Wall on Newstalk about the existence of Secret Parenting in the workplace – the fact that women actually hide the fact that they are Mothers when seeking employment.
Mothers will also hide their pregnancies and once children are born, not talk about them for fear of undermining their position at work.

Our experience here at Employmum/Employflex, in conversations with candidates who contact us, is similar. ‘Secret Parenting’ starts even before women commence in an organisation and is all too common when women are seeking employment. Women tell us they hide the fact that they have children or are planning to have children from recruiters.

One of our candidates notes ‘I kept the fact that I was a single parent a secret when I was going for my current role as I felt it had gone against me in previous job interviews’. ‘I feel I can speak openly with you here and tell you why I need flexibility in my position – normally I hide the fact that I have 3 children in my current job hunt’ says another candidate recently registered with us.

We know of women who hide the fact that they are pregnant and the trauma and stress around announcing a pregnancy in the corporate world is very real. ‘I was asked after having my son, was I planning on having another and that Mothers would never succeed in this company’ another candidate tells us.

For this International Women’s Day , let’s Choose to Challenge male parent privilege – aim to be a better workplace where Mums and Dads never feel like they have to be a Secret Parent.

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