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Quest to find ‘Ireland’s Most Flexible Boss’ is launched

The quest is on to find ‘Ireland’s Most Flexible Boss’. We want employees around the country to nominate their boss if they feel they would qualify for the title.

You can nominate your boss if they have introduced a flexible policy in the workplace or have been open to offering flexible hours.

There are many qualities that would qualify someone for the title of “Ireland’s Most Flexible Boss”. These could include someone who is open to flexible working hours, someone who is results focussed and not obsessed with a ‘bums on seats’ mentality, a boss who leads with empathy and understanding and trusts employees to get work done. Someone who is fair and equitable and leads by example or is pro equality, diversity and inclusion.

“We want to hear from you and this is your chance to nominate your boss if you feel they have helped create a flexible working environment. Bosses who are open to feedback and are solution driven and those who encourage a work/life balance are great advocates for Flexible Boss of the Year. Basically if your boss is sound, let us know.”

The prize for Ireland’s Most Flexible Boss will be two tickets to see comedian Michael McIntyre’s SOLD OUT show in Dublin on November 3rd.

Workers have until the 28th October to nominate their boss and they can do so by emailing with FLEXIBLE in the subject matter and a brief description of why they should be nominated.