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All I want for Christmas is …. a job

I got an email recently from a client stating that she wanted to ‘have everything we need before Christmas so I can put my brain to sleep’ and while many candidates seeking work tend to put job seeking activities on the back burner over the silly season of Christmas, opting for a break from the job hunt, they may well be missing a trick.
December and the lead up to Christmas can be an opportune time to ramp up your networking and to get ahead of the possé as they sit back on their laurels.

Take note of our top 5 tips to land yourself a job as we head into 2021:

Network – Christmas and the holiday period is a great opportunity to network and to reach out to prospective employers. People are more relaxed, more inclined to agree to a virtual coffee or give you some time to ask their advice or pitch to them. It is, after all, the giving season, Irish people are superb for giving back and paying it forward and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how many people will give you their time. The rest is up to you to make an impression.
Also, you will be socialising ( within the guidelines) more over Christmas – use this opportunity to let your friends and family know that you are seeking a new role/change – be specific and not vague here so that your network know how they can help you.

Competitive Advantage – While many people are focusing on ‘putting their brains to sleep’ and embracing the festive season, you may find that there is less competition in the market. Why wait until January ( New Year, New You!) when the world and his Mother are seeking a change and it is the busiest time for people registering with agencies and applying for roles. Get in before the crowds of the January sales.

Money to spend – Many organisations will have budgets to spend and are eager to do to before the year end. There may be roles that need filling before Christmas so that this spend is allocated to 2020. If you have notice to give, you may be in a position to commence at the start of the year; nice, neat and tidy for your new employer.

Engage the decision maker – Some industries are traditionally quieter in the lead up to Christmas and may be scrolling through their social media accounts more regularly – now is a good opportunity to write some articles relevant to your industry on LinkedIn or engage with the decision makers and hiring managers on twitter. During the week between Christmas and New Year is a great time to call an office and get past the gatekeepers to talk to the person you want to connect with.

Be alert! – Look out for new roles being posted ( set up alerts on LinkedIn and job sites ) . If companies are advertising at this time, they may want to fill the role quickly. Be prepared and have your most valuable marketing tool, the CV, ready to go. Be available and prepared for an online interview. Show initiative and enthusiasm by getting in fast with a really slick CV that you have tailored for that role, letting them know your availability and interest with a carefully crafted cover letter or email that sparks their interest.

As the saying does, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb – that’s where all the fruit is and Christmas time can be the opportune moment to pick yourself a ripe new job for 2021.

And … Good Luck and a very Happy Christmas to you