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Many of our clients have never interviewed online before , and just like our candidates , are new to this way of interacting – we’re all experts on Zoom now and most of us have even partied on Zoom, but holding an interview for a potential remote member of the team – now that’s a whole other ball game.

It goes without saying that you will need to chat about the skills, competencies and experience of the individual, but what about their fit as a remote team player?

Here are 20 questions to ask in a Remote Interview that will help you determine whether your interviewee is predisposed to remote or part remote working…

  1. How do you structure your day when you work remotely?
  2. Rate your tech savvy-ness from 1 to 10
  3. How did you find working during Covid-19?
  4. What communication tools are you comfortable with in a remote work environment – can you give me examples?
  5. How do you schedule your day? Calendars? Project Management tools do you use?
  6. Would you describe yourself as self motivated – give us some examples?
  7. What skills make a great remote worker?
  8. How would you set up a meeting online – what is best practice in your opinion?
  9. How do you look after yourself when you work remotely?
  10. Do you like working on a team?
  11. What does work/life balance look like to you?
  12. Have you worked remotely before? What did you like about it? What did you not like?
  13. In a conflict situation, how would you resolve remotely?
  14. What motivates you?
  15. How do you deal with a slump in your own productivity/motivation?
  16. Give us some suggestions as to how we can build rapport?
  17. What attracts you about our company mission?
  18. Why do you want to WFH or part remote?
  19. What does your home office look like? Can you give us a tour?
  20. What is your broadband speed?

Qualities you should seek out:

  1. Digital Communication
  2. Team Player
  3. Time Management
  4. Self Motivated
  5. Strong work ethic
  6. Adaptability
  7. Organisational skills
  8. Self-starter
  9. Proactive
  10. Flexibility
  11. Tech-savvy
  12. Independent problem solver
  13. Reliable
  14. Look for transferable skills if not worked remotely before

You’re welcome!

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