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Whether you are returning to work after a break or looking to move into a new job, you are taking a positive first step in your future. Searching for a new job can seem like work itself! Here are some tips to help you stay motivated when looking for work:

Tip 1 – Be Realistic
Most people don’t find a new job straight away. It takes time and effort so don’t expect immediate results. Set yourself a realistic timeframe to find the right job for you. Be clear on what you need and want in a new role and set clear search guidelines around this to help you find suitable opportunities.

Tip 2 – Link with Professionals
Develop a strong relationship with Recruiters (like Employflex!) who can help you with your job search. Two heads are better than one! Be open about your expectations and don’t be afraid to highlight your ideal role. A good recruiter will have well developed networks and contacts and may find out about new jobs before they are even advertised!

Tip 3 – Be Confident
You have developed lots of skills over the years so make sure you highlight these. Tell others about your qualifications and skills. Make sure they are accurately reflected and updated on your LinkedIn account and CV. If you haven’t studied for some time can you use the opportunity to upskill now? There are a number of online courses available that may be suitable. Learning a new skill can often help people feel more confident and motivated in their new abilities.

Tip 4 – Ask for recommendations
Updating your LinkedIn profile with recommendations is a great way to showcase your talents and experience to others. Approach previous managers and colleagues and feel free to offer your own personal recommendation on their profile too. When you read through all the lovely comments people leave for you this can help you stay motivated during your search. It may also lead to a conversation about potential job opportunities where they work. You never know where the conversation could take you.

Tip 5 – Look at the small steps
What small step can you take today to help your job search? You don’t have to spend ten hours looking every day. A strategic search for jobs or a concentrated effort updating your CV or building your network is worth more than hours of mindless scrolling. Try to stay focused and free from distraction.

Tip 6 – Think how you can serve
If you are finding it difficult to get to interview stage – think about what you can do to boost your application. Lots of employers look favorably on people that have completed voluntary work. Investigate options to see if there is voluntary work you could do. Some of it now can even be done remotely! Volunteering may help you enhance your skills, it will deepen your sense of self worth and be of service to others. It’s also excellent experience to talk about when you do get to interview stage!

Tip 7– Build in a Reward
Make sure you have something to look forward to at the end of the week to help you stay motivated when looking for work. This could be a nice coffee, a lie-in, a bubble bath or a long walk. Make sure that you write down your reward at the beginning of the week – so you know what you are aiming towards. It’s a good idea to schedule in a time for the reward too so it doesn’t get overlooked. The reward doesn’t have to cost money, sometimes the best things in life are free!

Embrace this exciting stage in your life. Looking for work can seem like a challenge but like all challenges, they are often eventually overcome. Never forget that you are bringing a unique set of skills and experiences with you. Keep an open mind on the roles you apply for. Keep active and positive. Overall all, be kind to yourself. Before you know it you will be on the other side of this journey and passing this advice onto others! Good luck!

By Vicky @ Pivot Career Coaching
December 2020