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Karen from Employflex was invited onto Tipp FM to chat about the Report on the Four Day working week which was released today.

A academic research project that saw a four-day working week being trialled across 12 businesses has been deemed a success by both the companies and employees involved.

The project, backed by the trade union Fórsa and carried out in partnership by Four-Day Week Ireland, UCD and Boston College, examined the financial, social, and environmental impact that a four-day working week would have on businesses and employees in Ireland.

Nine of the 12 companies that took part in the six-month trial said they were committed to continuing with the four-day-week schedule.

The other three said they were also planning to continue but did not commit to keeping it long-term.

The pros are obvious to this initiative but are we putting too much pressure on SMEs who are already struggling with escalating energy bills and a cost of living crisis? What about women in the workplace who are going to opt for this over the majority of men – will this be another set back for equality in the workplace?

We take a closer look – Listen here: