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Many companies we work with have the desire to implement a flexible work culture but are unsure as to where to begin. We invite you to take our Flexible workplace mini audit and see if you feel you need us to assist you to embrace flexible work policies that can promote you as a flexible workplace

The flexible work mini audit for your organisation.
Take the flexible place to work check, Answer the following questions:
– Does your company have a clear strategy , policy and procedures and effective training for management and employees to support a flexible work place?

– Is flexible work available for everyone in the organisation – do people know their rights as regards requesting flexible work?

– Is management aware of the barriers that exist for flexible work and the resistance that is being put forward by managers?

– Is the flexible work policy coming from the top down and are all senior staff and managers debriefed and on board with policy?

– Does the culture of your organisation foster flexible work and so employees feel they will not be discriminated against if they request flexible work?

Employflex can help your organisation embed a flexible working policy. With our flexible work toolkit we can help you commence your flexible work strategy.

We have built a team of HR professionals, flexible work experts, executive and life coaches that can catapult your organisation into the flexible work space:

– We know that a flexible work culture must be driven from the top down.

– We know that flexible work is the most requested job ‘perk’ by all generations of workers, X, Y and Z!

– We know that flexible work can help you obtain and retain the best talent.

– We know that offering flexible work can improve gender diversity and your gender pay gap.

– We know that by being a flexible workplace, you can improve on your bottom line

– We know we can help you.

To get in the know, Contact us to see how we can make your organisation a flexible place to work.
Life is Short. Work Somewhere Flexible.